Parents Guide to Online Teen Dating and Distance Relationships

Teenagers all over are searching the online world for companionship and love. There is abundance of knowledge on the internet about online teen dating. This article will be based on a parents guide and advice for the patents of teenagers. The following are just some of the tips for online teen dating.

Online Dating Websites

With thousands of online dating sites available online, the bulk of them are targeted for adults. Although some teenagers will lie about there age in most of the websites. Which doesn’t mean that there isn’t many geared for teenagers, there are? Being honest with your age is another subject and there are ways to protect your teenagers from it. When someone signs up for one of these online dating sites it is expected to lie just a little bit on the info, you might say your taller then you really are, or that you make more money then you really do, but if you lie about your age and you really do meet someone then that’s automatically going to end the relationship. Because you are under 18 or still a teen. So there is really no point to lie about your age on these sites, if you are really looking for a relationship.

Do as your Told, Not as I do

When I was growing up my parents told me that life’s experiences are the hardest lessons to learn, but life is a damn good teacher. And this is good advice, wanting to reinvent the wheel is every teenagers goal. Let the past experience of your partners teach you so you don’t have to learn the hard way. This can be applying in the online dating world, just because someone says something online or in there profile doesn’t always make it true. Treat each profile you look at with a skeptic’s eye. The facts that you may know to be true, if they have a picture on there profile and they say that they are 110 lbs, but there picture doesn’t show that. Then it may be the picture isn’t the real person. Use common sense when it comes to finding people online.

Always talk to the person over the internet and on the phone first, before meeting them in person. This will let you get to know the person first. And if you want to see the person, you can have a conversion over the internet via live video stream. That way you and the other person feel perfectly safe in your home while still meeting new people.

Finding the Online Dating Sites

Doing a Google search for online teen dating will give you a long list of dating sites. There are goods one and ill will talk about one, which is free and for teens and adults. A good place to start is a dating site called This is a free dating site that you can build a profile and have all your friends and hundreds of people find you. Making sure you fill out every spot with tons of content about yourself will help others find your profile. There tons of methods to filling out there questions, but that’s for another article.